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The CORE¹² Monitor

CORE12 Monitor

“CORE” – Cardiac Outpatient Real-Time ECG

12 Lead | Holter | Event | Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

The CORE¹² is one of the most advanced & versatile ECG monitoring device ever. The CORE¹² is invaluable to both healthcare and research providers as it has four modalities in one device, making this the only device you will ever need!

The CORE¹² monitor has an integrated cell phone for near-real-time transmission & communication with the ACS Diagnostics Laboratory. The device offers many intuitive features including a color touch screen display for ease of use.

Four Tests – One Device​

The flexible nature of the CORE¹² monitor represents tremendous utility for healthcare providers by streamlining all forms of ECG into one device. The future of ECG monitoring both inpatient & outpatient lies in the hands of the integrated CORE¹² device.

12 Lead Resting ECG

A true 12 Lead Interpretive report useful for multiple clinical indications

Code: 93000

1–30 Day Holter

24 Hour up to 30 Days, multiple clinical indications

Codes: 93224, 93241

Event Monitoring

Up to 30 days, event/symptom transmissions

Code: 93268

MCT Monitoring

Up to 30-days, near-real-time mobile cardiac telemetry monitoring with analysis

Code: 93228, 93229

The CORE¹² transmits near-live ECG to a lab for clinical review 24/7/365


Near-Real-Time Transmissions

Near-real-time transmissions of 12-lead interpretive EKGs sent directly to trained personnel

Asset 10


Preforms Event/Symptom Monitoring for up to 30-Days

24-hour or Long-term Holter

24-hour up to 30-days, multiple clinical indications

MCT Monitoring

Performs Mobile Cardiac Realtime Telemetry for up to 30-Days

Financial Benefits of the CORE¹² Monitor

Reimbursement Dollar Amount Per Test

*Table Reflects Average Reimbursement Per Test. Note: Reimbursements may vary by location, visit for more information.

The Only 4-in-1 Telemedicine Device: The "CORE" is Cardiology