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ACS Diagnostics is a medical device company; an industry leader in outpatient heart monitoring and a pioneer in innovative Telemedicine. CORE12 Monitor
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ACS Diagnostics is an industry leader in outpatient heart monitoring and a pioneer in innovative Telemedicine.​

The CORE Clip Holter Monitor

The smallest, reusable holter monitor on the market

Tired of throwing away money on patches? Get the smallest, reusable Holter Monitor today!

  • Discreet and Reusable
  • 24/72 Hour Holter
  • 0.5 Ounces
  • Event Encoding 2 Sec, 60 Cycle
  • Under 30 Min Recharge

Using the Clip in Your Practice

Cardiovascular Institute of Northwest Florida

“Dr. Nghia Hoang of the Cardiovascular Institute of Northwest Florida reviews the latest technology available to record cardiac arrhythmias for diagnosis from the latest holter monitor, to tiny implanted devices that can last for years, to smart watch technology. He includes the most common signs and symptoms of an abnormal heart rhythm, such as palpitations and fainting.”

– Cardiovascular Institute of Northwest Florida

The CORE12 Monitor

4–in–1 ECG Monitoring Device

  • 12 Lead Interpretive EKG Capability & Resting EKG

  • 24/48 Hour Holter Test

  • 14-Day Long-term Continuous ECG Test (record every beat)

  • 30-Day Cardiac Event Test

  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Test (MCT)

Insider Secrets? Truths only learned from experience? ACS Diagnostics has been around a long time, and is sharing our hard-earned secrets about ECG Monitoring with you! Download today to get a better insight into ECG Monitoring, the little details that ensure accurate diagnosis, and ways to increase patient satisfaction.

IDTF Laboratory
IDTF Laboratory

True-outpatient cardiac monitoring, seeing every beat as it happens

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An Industry Leader

ACS Diagnostics is an industry leader in outpatient heart monitoring and a pioneer in innovative Telemedicine.

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ACS Diagnostics has many years of longevity serving cardiologists, internists, and general practitioners. We are a trusted name in ambulatory cardiac monitoring around the world.

Quality Products

As a medical equipment manufacturer, we are proud to produce “Quality Products for Those Who Care.”

“We have popularized Full Disclosure by exposing its necessity.” – Joseph Yanes